Octus is a cloud application that centralizes and manages patient documentation and sessions.

It allows the institution to manage all the submitted documentation and then expedite the presentation to the appropriate entity.



  • Patient information and support of all documentation.
  • Automatic report ready at the end of the month by Health Insurance.
  • Digital files of the delivered original documentation and the search of those files
  • Registration of everything submitted to the Health Insurance.
  • Excel report of all the data of the benefits presented by the professionals, separated in Health Insurances.
  • Excel report of patient data by Health Insurance.
  • Access to the documents submitted for later management.
  • Possibility of creating a report with the required combination of data.
Health Insurance
  • Access to scanned documents, separated by periods.
  • Access to scanned documents, separated by professionals.
  • Excel report of all the data of the practices provided by the professionals.
  • Mass download of digitized documentation.

Mobile App

The application is intended for the professional, to speed up the loading and consultation of patient data.

The professional can register and consult Patients, Medical Orders, Documents associated with each Medical Order, Sessions and Applied Practices.