Fidel is a set of cloud solutions to empower your business that will allow you to have control of all your business information in a centralized, secure place and have access to it from anywhere on the planet.

Fidel offers from a Management Web Application for your business data to a Mobile App for a Seller's Orders and a Sales Channel for your customers to make purchases or to find new potential buyers.



Customers and Sales / Electronic Billing
Products and Stock / Zones and Sellers
Remittances and Transportation
Suppliers and Purchases
Taxes and Accounting
Cash, Checks and Banks

Mobile App

A seller can check customer balances, prices and current stock of products from anywhere, the mobile application is synchronized in real time with the web application.

The seller can take orders from the customer and another user from the web application can view them instantly, to assemble and invoice them.

In addition, you can follow roadmaps, save GPS customers’ locations and upload payments from customers.

Sales Channel

We have different options to which we connect to boost your Online sales.

We are integrated with Tienda Nube and Mercado Libre, in addition we develop a Web of Orders where each Customer has its user and password to carry out the Orders that you will then be able to Invoice from Fidel with all the information already loaded.

Your products and services will always show the correct Selling Price and the real Stock, having all the data centralized in a single application!

Your wholesale customers can have access to a friendly shopping cart so that they can place their orders without having to call you by phone or send you an email. From the same Order placed by the Customer you can invoice it in a few seconds since you will have all the necessary information to confirm the Invoice.